Todd Hido, #6092, 2007.

Man Ray, Lee Miller, 1930.

André Kertész, Girl on a Swing, 1936.

Barbara Morgan, Merce Cunningham, Totem Ancestor, 1942.

Helmut Newton, Rue Aubriot, Paris Collections, from White Women 1975.

Berenice Abbott, Fifth Avenue Houses, New York, 1936.

Ted Croner, Whiplash, 1947.

Manolo Mylonas, From the serie Everyday is Sunday, 2014.

Leni Riefenstahl, Dive from the 10-Metres-Tower, 1936.

Ara Güler, Children playing among the tombstones in the Seyhülisla Yahya cemetery, Turkey, 1985.

André Kertész, Martinique, 1972.

Hippolyte Bayard, The windmills of Montmartre, 1839.

Rosalind Solomon, Mother and Daughter, 1985.

Gertrude Käsebier, The Red Man, 1902.

Todd Hido, #8614, 2009.

You can see fine photographs of Hido in the MOTI (Museum of the Image, Breda) till 26 october.